Winntec Wheel Dolly Y471105

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Product Code: Y471105

  • Easy installation and removal of truck tyre/wheel assemblies 
  • One person control 
  • Heavy-duty industrial bearings 
  • 3 positions for rollers, depending on tyre size 
  • Great tool for every service truck 
  • Avoid damage to wheel bolts and expensive modern rims 
  • For all wheels from 6.5" - 24.5", including super singles 
  • New longer rollers make it even easier to handle super single tyres 

Net Weight: 15kg
Capacity: 220kg


To remove from vehicle:

1. After the vehicle is positioned on the jack stands and the lug nuts are removed, slide the Tyre Dolly under the tyre so that the rollers come into contact.

2. Apply downward force on the handle to raise the tyre/wheel assembly and pull away from the vehicle.

To place onto vehicle:

1. Lift tyre/wheel assembly with Tyre Dolly and roll toward vehicle.
2. Raise tyre/wheel assembly.
3. Remove Tyre Dolly and slide the tyre/wheel assembly onto the hub.

Use with Gaither O Liner tool (GTO 01TB) to make lining up the wheel studs easier.

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