Winntec SAFERGO Hydraulic Truck Wheel Dolly Y471106

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Product Code: Y471106

    The Winntec SAFERGO truck tyre dolly is the easiest way to mount and dismount truck tyres.
    This convenient dolly makes manually lifting wheel sets completely unnecessary.
    Simply slide the rollers underneath the tyre and use the jack handle to raise it to the desired height. You can then use the included Gaither O-LINE-ER® to perfectly position the wheel for easy installation. The SAFERGO also comes equipped with a collapsible handle frame making it easy to store and ideal for mobile service.
  • This lightweight, portable dolly has a compact hydraulic unit that ensures precise positioning.
  • Allowing the operator to work on a very short distance from the vehicle which is crucial during road assistance service work.
  • Shock absorbing casters ensure a smooth ride from and to the hub on a rough surface.
  • Fast Positioning
  • Carry Handle
  • Winntec delivers you once again affordable ergonomics without affecting operation speed

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