Wheel Nut Indicators, Interlink Bag of 50

Wheel Nut Size: 27mm
Color: Yellow
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Product Code: IP-Link

The Checklink® helps ensure, by linking one wheel nut to the next, that a loosened wheel nut will not spin off the stud. However, the Checklink® is not a wheel nut locking device. It is a wheel nut restraint should a wheel nut loosen off.

As such, it is for use as an integrated part of a roadworthiness fleet risk management reporting and documenting regime. Distortion of the wheel nut link observed during the inspection of the road wheels within the normal daily roadworthiness walk-round, indicates that a wheel nut has loosened off. 

A full range of Checklink® of the commonly-used wheel nut sizes of between 19mm to 38mm across the flats, are available. The standard stock colour for all sizes and variants of the range is Fluoro Yellow.

Checklink® is manufactured from heavy-duty polypropylene and is suitable for use where transient hub or braking temperatures of up to 125°c can be experienced. It is reusable, and impervious to attack from road salts and chemical contaminants, oils and petroleum, and commonly-used vehicle cleaning agents. Being UV stabilised, it is not subject to degradation. It is designed to be a tight, almost interference fit, on the wheel nut.

The use of the Checklink® still requires that the standard retorque inspections need to be adhered to after a wheel or wheel nut has been removed and refitted for whatever reason.

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