Standard Push Button Safety Coupling, Male Thread

Thread Size: PCL Male Push Button Safety Coupling 1/4" BSP Thread
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Built by hand and 100% individually tested for guaranteed reliability in PCL’s Sheffield factory, the new UK Standard Push Button Safety Coupling provides a two-stage, self venting release, which fully vents the system on first press, then releases the adaptor on the second one, eliminating the dangers of hose whip, creating a safe compressed air environment.

This lightweight but robust “Made in Sheffield” coupling comes with a 5 year warranty.

  • Designed-engineered by the only UK Manufacturer of Safety Couplings
  • Two-stage self venting release eliminating the dangers of hose whip
  • Compatible with Standard Adaptors
  • Hardened machined steel parts
  • Lightweight & robust composite outer body
  • Date Stamp - Production date for tracking and quality
  • British Standard Profile

 Standard Push Button Safety Coupling Datasheet.pdf



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