Schrader DIGIT'AIR Digital Tyre Inflation Gauge 39901-00

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Product Code: 39901

Schrader Digital Readout Inflation Gauge

  • High quality and performance - strong gauge with the latest pressure reading technology
  • Calibrated range from 1.5 PSI to 160 PSI
  • Easy-to-read - thanks to 12mm high numbers
  • Gauge turns on when pressurised (connection to valve) 
  • Turns off automatically when pressure is withdrawn or without constant pressure for 10 seconds
  • Duration of Battery: 10 years after manufacture in temperate environment
  • Automatic re calibration to zero on each inflation
  • Air pressure measurements displayed when the buttons are released

Comes with a 1.5m long hose.

1/4" BSP female air inlet thread.

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