PUCK RM-90 Action Can Twin Spray Multi-Purpose Lubricant 400ml

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Rust remover – loosens seized parts, lubricates
Puck RM-90 multi-purpose oil is the ultimate solution to effectively remove stubborn rust and restore surfaces to their original condition. Whether it's metal parts, tools, vehicle bodies or other rust-prone surfaces.
Excellent lubrication : The penetrating oil quickly penetrates into the narrowest gaps, cracks and hard-to-reach areas. It forms a thin, long-lasting protective layer that reduces friction and minimizes wear. This makes moving parts smooth and quiet.
Rust protection : The rust remover forms an effective barrier against moisture and protects metal parts from corrosion and rust formation. It also helps to loosen existing rust and free stuck mechanisms.
Versatile application: The penetrating oil is suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether for lubricating door hinges, bicycle chains, garden equipment, tools or machines, it is the ideal solution. It can also be used in car and motorcycle maintenance, in electronics and in industry.
Long-lasting effect : Thanks to its high-quality formula, the penetrating oil offers long-lasting lubrication and rust protection. A single application is often enough to ensure long-term protection.
Easy to use: RM-90 penetrating oil comes in a practical spray can that allows for easy and precise application. The fine spray ensures even distribution of the oil. The fold-out spray tube allows you to reach hard-to-reach places. The 360° valve allows you to spray overhead.



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