PCL Bench Top Hose Reel 9 Metres of 8mm I/D Hose

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Product Code: HRA2T

Introducing PCL’s Bench Top Hose Reels, their small size makes them ideal for confined environments where space is a major factor.

The reels have been specifically designed for use with compressed air in garages, workshops and industrial applications, and are available with different lengths and diameters of hose to suit user needs.

Auto retract is standard, neatly storing the hose with no kinks, tangles or effort allowing ease of use and reducing non-value added time. Each features a hose stop that stops in any position - and is adjustable at the flick of a lever. This new time-saving feature is an industry first.

The hose reels are easy to maintain, with built-in cleaning brushes now included as standard to avoid debris being taken back into the reel which can cause the layering system to fail. Complete with strong steel wall mounting 180° swivel bracket enabling easy user manoeuvrability.

  • Adjustable hose stopper - Reduces non-value added time
  • Auto retract - Easily and smoothly rewinds the hose
  • Built-in cleaning brush as standard to keep the hose clean
  • Steel wall mounting 180° swivel bracket
  • High impact polypropylene construction for maximum durability
  • Easy to maintain with long life and low life time costs
  • Copper tail outlet thread with dust cap
  • Supplied with fitted leader hose
  • 1m leader hose pre-fitted
  • 9m of 8mm (5/16") ID hose
  • 1/4" male end fittings

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