PCL Airforce Tyre Inflator 2.7m Hose Twin Clip-on Connector

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Product Code: AFG1H06

Calibrated 0-170 psi & 0-12 bar

The AirForce II dial handheld tyre inflator has received rave reviews from users in tyre shops, garages, car dealers and transport depots.

Fast and simple to use with guaranteed accuracy, this mechanical unit offers longer life, lower operating costs and excellent shock resistance - all within a modern functional design featuring a clear analogue display.

Robust but lightweight, the EC-approved Airforce design has been further enhanced with a nylon body and a new metal inlet, making the unit as robust as any high performance dial gauge on the market today.

Key Product Features:

  • Clear dial display
  • Modern, lightweight and shock-resistant construction 
  • Proven Bourdon Tube with beryllium copper construction for robustness and high shock resistance
  • Direct valve design increasing inflation and deflation rates
  • Individually tested and certified
  • Built in swivel and hanging device


Accuracy: Exceeds EC Directive 86/217
Reading Accuracy: 0.1bar / 2psi / 10kPa
Max Inlet Pressure: 15bar / 218psi / 1500kPa
Inflation Flow: 910l/min @ 13bar supply
Compliance: EC Directive 86/217 and BS EN 12645:1999

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