PCL AIRFORCE® MK4 Inflation Gauge with 1.8 Metre Hose

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Product Code: AFG4H05

  • Fitted with twin clip-on valve connector for use on commercial twin wheel assemblies. 
  • 1.8m hose length
  • 1/4" BSP female air inlet thread
  • Dual Calibrated: 0 - 138 psi and 0 - 9.6 bars

Introducing the new and improved industry-leading tyre inflator from PCL - the AIRFORCE® MK4 Tyre Inflator. 

The already highly-regarded predecessor to the AIRFORCE® MK4, the classic MK3 Tyre Inflator has been industry standard in many garages, petrol forecourts and tyre depots for over 25 years. Many thought the MK3 could not be improved until now!

With over 75 years of expertise in designing and manufacturing tyre inflation equipment in Sheffield, the engineers at PCL decided now was the time to enhance the mechanical features that have stood the test of time to make the new gauge faster, more accurate and more reliable than its predecessor. 

The new AIRFORCE® MK4 Tyre Inflator is as robust as ever and highly accurate, offering leading inflation and deflation rates and high performance for both indoor and outdoor applications. Meanwhile, the redesigned piston and seal arrangement means increased accuracy - cycle tests now give over 400,000 inflation cycles at 10% accuracy - over 50% more than previously! 

By increasing the size of the viewing window to give a 20% larger field of view, and altering the graphic print to give a clearer scale reading, the new gauge is even more user-friendly.

With a new, modern, slimline body design, the gauge is now lighter yet more ergonomic to give increased comfort in use. 



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