PCL 12V Tyre Inflator

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Product Code: ATT750


Small, light, user-friendly, and comes in a neat storage bag – PCL’s 12V Tyre Inflator is perfect for tucking into a corner of the boot ready for when your tyres need inflating.

This is a convenient inflator for day-trippers, holidaymakers and camping fans, keeping them and their families safe on road trips. Suitable for all car tyres, and ideal for SUVs and 4x4s, the powerful ATT750 is perfect for topping up pressure, and can even inflate from flat.

Additional adaptors included for sports equipment and other small inflatables - providing multi-purpose use with no batteries required!

  • Integrated LED light for use in the dark
  • Screw-on tyre connector + 3 Additional Adaptors for use with air beds, sports equipment and other inflatables
  • Digital display with pre-set functions for ease of use
  • 3M Power cord reaches all tyres without complication
  • 12V In-car power connector - no batteries required
  • 80 psi maximum air pressure - Suitable for all car tyres including SUVs and 4x4s
  • Pressure Measurements: psi, bar, kPa, kg/cm²
  • Weight 0.95 Kgs
  • Display Type Digital
  • Tyre Valve Connection 8V1 Screw-on
  • Calibration 0-80 psi
  • Accuracy+/- 2 psi


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