Omega Mechanix Rechargeable 24 SMD-LED Pocket Light (PL-1001)

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Product Code: PL-1001

Despite its small size, this OMEGA pocket light is very powerful. There are 24 SMD-LEDs within the lamp which can be set to to strengths 220 luminous flux and 110 luminous flux.

There is an adjustable magnetic support under the lamp, with which the lamp can be put down or attached to metal. 

There is also a strap for putting around the wrist so that the light is always to hand.


• 24 SMD LEDs with 2 adjustable strengths 110-220 Lm
• Run time of 1 1/2 hours at full brightness and 3 hours at half brightness
• 1100amh 3 .7V Li-ion battery
• Complete with charger - fully charged in 3 hours
• Adjustable with magnetic base

Available in a green outer case.

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