NEW 1" Drive Commercial Torque Wrench 300 -1000 Nm Norbar 5RN

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The heavy road fleet industry and other heavy duty operators love the ‘Industrial’ Norbar torque wrench for its robustness and clear torque signal.

This new generation retains these qualities but improves upon the original’s scale for more accurate setting and can be split into two parts for easy and economic storage and shipping.

A unique profiled cam and reaction plate gives an unmistakable torque signal whilst the large break angle greatly reduces the possibility of over torqueing.

This new generation of Norbar redesigned torque wrenches further enhances the model’s reputation for being robust and incredibly simple to use.

Product Overview

•  Case dimensions for  are 970 mm x 260 mm x
   95 mm (length x width x height).

•  Can be split and packed in two parts for a smaller, easier
   to transport tool.

• The clear torque signal that the break-back provides
  means that the wrench can be safely used in noisy
  environments where the ‘click’ signal of other wrenches
  may be missed.

• These robustly constructed tools are accurate to ±4%
  even in arduous conditions and have further features
  which include:

• Push-through ratchet for torqueing in two directions

• Unique profiled cam and reaction plate - gives much
  clearer torque signal and the large break angle greatly
  reduces the possibility of over torqueing

• Adjusting spanner so additional torque setting tool is
  not required

• Easy to read scale protected from dust, dirt and spray

• Designed for cost effective service

• New handle - more comfortable and guides operator’s
  hand to correct position

Please note this is a 3/4 Drive with a 3/4 to 1 inch adaptor.


Nm:  300 - 1000

lbf-ft:  200 - 750

Weight : 7.35 kg


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