Linseal OKO Tyre Sealant 1 Litre

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Product Code: OKO1

Linseal seals punctures as they happen - instantaneously - effecting a seal with no loss of air pressure.

Product Features: 

  • Easy to use - Linseal will seal holes in the tyre and tread area caused by puncturing objects up to 10mm in diameter. 
  • Absolutely safe - Linseal has no adverse effect on rubber, is non-toxic and water-soluble.
  • Works for a wide range of vehicles including wheelbarrows, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), ride-on lawnmowers, tractors, skiploaders, diggers, backhoes and other heavy-wheeled vehicles.

Comes with a valve tool and an integral filling spout.

Linseal Safety Data Sheet

Please click on the link below to see how much you need by tyre size:

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