Ken-Tool Pro Axle Drain Pan

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Product Code: 30600

  • Fits most 10-hole Super Single and Dual Disc Wheels
  • Lightweight, moulded plastic pan that locks inside truck and trailer wheels to keep tyre and wheel clean
  • Fits most steel and aluminium 22.5" and 24.5" 10-hole hub and stud-piloted tubeless wheels
  • Allows 2 or 3-hole stud attachment to wheel using finger-tightened lug nuts, will not tip
  • 3.6ltr capacity with self-draining shelves for hub and axle nuts
  • Made in USA from HDPE high-density polyethylene design - won't warp if oil is warm
  • Keeps wheels and tyres clean when servicing driven or non-driven axles, will not spill if bumped
  • Flat bottom avoids spillage on workbench or floor
  • Two built-in, drip-proof drainage spouts for easy waste disposal
  • Captures all wheel end components bearings, seals and axle nuts
  • Saves time - no more messy clean-up and no more search for awkward, makeshift containers

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