Gaither GT4033 Ultra Low 3-Stage Jack

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Product Code: GT4033

All GT models are rigorously tested and constructed to withstand heavy daily use by the world’s most demanding technicians in their commercial environments.

You can take comfort in the meticulous approach Gaither takes to quality control and safety.

In fact, we offer a unique 3-year warranty guaranteeing, that for this period, our products won’t show any hydraulic or pneumatic malfunctioning.

  • Designed for 30,000 minimum lift cycles
  • Built-in water separator
  • Long, one-piece handle for durability, safety, and easy maneuvering


Short body, low profile

Min. Height : 125mm

Max. Height: 407mm

Length: 527mm

Width: 268mm

Handle Height: 1300mm

Extensions: 1 x 73mm,  1 x 45mm , 1 x 11mm 

3 stage. 40 ton / 22 ton / 10 ton

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