Gaither Bead BAZOOKA 6 litre: BB06L

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Product Code: BB06L

Gaither's revolutionary Bead BAZOOKA combines the unique rapid air release technology and easiest-to-handle tank for seating tubeless tyre beads.

Simply fill the tank, aim the redesigned Double Barrel and FIRE!!

The instantaneous blast of air from the 6 litre tank will work on truck (including super singles), passenger, motorcycle, ATV and small AG tyres.

Features include:

  • Most powerful automatic release system available in any bead-seating device
  • Smaller tank allows for easier handling
  • Lightweight (5.5 kg) reduces stress on the technician
  • Push-button trigger allows technician to keep both hands on the tank for more control, making it safer than manual release tanks
  • "Slotted" Double Barrel directs the air for best overall lift
  • Fully CE & ASME certified
  • Patent-pending design, patent-pending RAR system and registered trademark


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