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Product Code: PAA-100

EasyBalance is an absorbent wheel balancing powder for the inside of truck and bus tyres.

Its ability to redistribute itself when the vehicle is moving ensures that the optimum balance of the tyre and rim is maintained at all times, throughout the life of the tyre.

  • Fit one side of the tyre onto the rim.
  • Place the unopened bag of the required size of EasyBalance in the tyre - the bag disintegrates and it's contents disperse in the tyre as the tyre rotates.
  • See the tyre size usage chart for the correct amount.
  • Fit the other side of the tyre to the rim.
  • Inflate the tyre to the recommended pressure.
  • The wheel is ready to be fitted to a vehicle or to be put into storage for future use.

Do not use EasyBalance when puncture sealant or gel is installed.
Keep air lines free from water and oil.


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