Compac Agricultural Wheel Lifter

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Product Code: WD1600


  • Top-point wheel connection rod keeps the wheel in safe balance.
  • 4 rollers each side that can be adjusted to the width of the wheel.
  • 2 x 4 large rollers improve handling of tires with deep treads.
  • Capable of handling large wheels from 1250 mm up to 2400 mm in diameter.
  • Large (Ø150 mm) wheels for easy maneuverability.
  • Capable of handling large wheels up to 1050 mm in width.
  • Capacity 1.600 kg.
  • Large open working area, due to the built-in hydraulic.
  • Double acting hydraulic system.
  • Hands-free switch between lifting and lowering action.
  • Safe and controlled lowering.
  • Mobile: Easy to use outside the workshop.
  • Disassembled in a few seconds.

Capacity (kg) 1600
Unit weight (kg) 161
Height (cm) 65
Length (cm) 147
Width (cm) 130



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