Commercial Tyre Pressure Indicator Valve Cap 120 PSI

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This tyre pressure indicator valve cap helps with maintaining the correct tyre pressure which is vital for fuel efficiency and tyre life.

  • Colour-coded for a visual check of the tyre pressure condition.
  • Set to 120 psi for tyres that should have an inflation pressure of 120 psi, so that when the tyre is inflated to 120 psi the yellow indicator part of the valve is covered over with a black sleeve.
  • As the pressure in the tyre drops, the sleeve drops down to expose more of the yellow indicator - all of the indicator is exposed when the tyre loses around 20% of the pressure (down to approx. 95 psi).
  • Easy-to-fit
  • Ensure the tyre is inflated to 120 psi when cold, replace the existing valve cap with the indicator cap. 
  • Finger tighten the caps (do not use any tools) and ensure you see the black sleeve being lifted up to cover the yellow indicator.

Please note this product cannot check if your tyre is overinflated and should only be used as a reference of tyre pressure conditions.

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