Bead Vice Kit - EVA Safety Hump Tyre Bead Breaker

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Product Code: Bead Vice Kit

Gaither’s Bead Vice is a patented product that was designed for use on the new EVA wheels that first appeared in Europe several years ago. The trend in Europe, and recently throughout the world, has been to move towards using disc brakes on all large commercial vehicles. These disc brakes require a special wheel assembly that allows for more cooling and protection for the valve stem. These wheels are referred to as the EVA (external valve assembly) or Safety Hump wheels.

To protect the valve stem, a hump was built just inside the flange of the wheel, making it extremely difficult to break the bead loose from the wheel, and therefore almost impossible to demount the tyre without the help of the Bead Vice. The patented Bead Vice quickly and safely breaks the bead free on all new EVA wheels.

Our Bead Vice bead breaker kit is supplied complete with:

  • 1x BV-04N
  • 1 x BVA-3 super single adaptor
  • 1 x 5 litre Super Slick'Em tyre lubricant
  • A dispenser bottle

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