Alligator Double Seal Valve Cap V2B

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The ALLIGATOR Double Seal Valve Cap V2B is screwed on instead of the original valve cap and doesn’t need to be removed to check air pressure or to add air.

Pressure checking and inflation happens directly through the valve cap.

Technical Advantages:

  • Fits all standard valves
  • Service is as long as that of the valve itself - no replacement necessary
  • Double Seal Valve Cap has two built-in, heat-resistant grommets - preventing air pressure loss even when the valve core is damaged or dirty
  • Clip-on air chucks hold more reliably due to the grooved surface
  • The completely sealed end face is dirt and water-repellent

Installation is simple and fast!

  1. Remove old valve caps
  2. Inspect the valve for damage and, if necessary, clean or replace it
  3. Screw on the ALLIGATOR V2B by hand READY

No additional dust cap required.

Total Length of Valve: 22mm
Skirt Length (Over Valve): 6mm


The ALLIGATOR Double Seal Valve Cap V2B has been in existence for over
20 years. It has often been copied, but the copies are no match for the
original. Many international fleets prescribe ALLIGATOR V2B valves for all
their vehicles. In the USA alone, approx. 10 million valves are fitted
annually with the ALLIGATOR V2B and so provide for reduced standstill
periods and maintenance times, lower operational costs and increased

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