Bag (50) - 100 Twinclip Wheel Nut Indicators

Wheel Nut Size: 33mm
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Brand New
The Twindicator
Helping with wheel nut security
All the current benefits of the standard wheel nut indicator
- Indication
- Low height for retorquing
- Heat warning devolpement
The Twindicator also has a retaining function
Underneath there is a bridge that links the two pointers together
and provides an increasing counterforce during the stertching and
elongation allowing the pointer to rotate 45-50 degrees.
Introductory offer.
A bag of 50 - Twinclips ( 100 indicators ) for only £19.00 /u>>
Available for 22.5"" wheels
10 stud for 32mm and 33mm

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