PSF Plus Tyre Sealant - 6 Gallon / 22.71 Litres
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On-Line Catalogue |  Tyre Sealant |  PSF Tyre Sealant |  PSF Plus Tyre Sealant - 6 Gallon / 22.71 Litres

PSF Plus Tyre Sealant - 6 Gallon / 22.71 Litres

PSF Plus Tyre Sealant - 6 Gallon / 22.71 Litres
PSF Plus is a Puncture Sealing Formula, which is a lab-tested and field-proven liquid tyre sealant that protects your tyres from punctures. The proprietary blend of corrosion inhibitors, polymers and fibres help maintain tyre pressure while also helping to protect tyre rims from rust.

Using a specially designed pump, you can inject the sealant into the tyre through the valve stem, or you can pour it directly into the tyre prior to mounting. PSF Plus® will remain in a liquid state for the life of the mounted tyre. Equipment must be operated for 10 to 15 minutes immediately after application to ensure proper distribution of sealant throughout the tyre and wheel air chamber surfaces. If a puncture occurs, PSF® fibres clot in and around the injury to prevent any loss of air.

PSF Plus® should only be used when the wheel and tyre chamber are clean and free of any foreign contamination or debris.

PSF Plus® is a safe solution with no harmful effects to equipment or tyres, and will work in a wide range of temperatures while helping to prevent corrosion of wheels and radial tyre belts while also preserving tyre liners. The sealant will rapidly seal up to 6.25mm or ¼ inch punctures on heavy ply tyres and vent hole leaking. PSF Plus® contains no Ethylene Glycol and is water clean-up compatible.

PSF Plus® is non flammable up to 149 degrees centigrade ( 300 degrees Fahrenheit )

PSF Plus® is packaged in, 6 gallon ( 22.71 litres ) pails.

Suitable for most applications but not suitable for passenger tyres and van tyre use.

Sealant should not be considered a permanent or proper repair

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Price: 99.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)


On-Line Catalogue |  Tyre Sealant |  PSF Tyre Sealant |  PSF Plus Tyre Sealant - 6 Gallon / 22.71 Litres

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